IRUBNY is a film that celebrates the creative energy of the modern day urban environment. Tracing the history of a community art initiative inspired by the artwork of New York City native Carol Caputo, this “touching” documentary reveals how people respond when presented with an opportunity to interact with their surroundings in a new and imaginative way.

IRUBNY follows Caputo as she weaves her way through the streets of New York City, sharing her contagious energy with strangers, and showing that everyone really is capable of creating art. The audience watches as thousands of people, armed with materials as simple as paper and crayons, rub the streets and buildings in every neighborhood of the city. The transformation of these people as they come to see their everyday environment in such an unconventional way is at the very heart of this film. As the tough outer layer of cynicism is shed, people create and connect with their city in a way that they had previously never thought possible.

IRUBNY is a little film with a big idea: community is about relating to each other and to our surroundings. Shot in neighborhoods all over Manhattan, the film melds insightful interviews with footage from Caputo’s IRUBNY events. It transcends the barriers of class, gender and social standing by simply detailing the experiences of people of all ages as they share their reactions and their artwork. The aesthetic of the film merges with Caputo’s art initiative as pieces of the city are transposed to tell her project’s history and the rippling effect it had throughout the neighborhoods of New York. I RUB NY provides a new perspective on art, urban living and community that resonates with any audience.

Lauren DeFilippo, Director
Lauren is a documentary filmmaker and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She started in the edit room of Insignia Films shortly after receiving her M.A. in English and American literature from NYU. She has worked on films for PBS’s American Experience including Roads to Memphis, Kit Carson and The Panama Canal. She is currently associate producer on an upcoming documentary film about General George Custer. At the same time she is also developing a book on Mather and Company work-incentive posters and working on several other short film projects. IRUBNY is Lauren’s directorial debut.

Carol Caputo, Producer
Born and bred in New York City, Caputo relies on her urban surroundings to provide her with the energy and visual stimulation that inspires her work. She studied at the School of Visual Arts, the Brooklyn Museum, the Art Students League and New York University. Caputo’s extensive career in advertising and design is filled with award-winning creative projects.

Her ads, illustrations and designs have appeared in magazines and theater productions, on posters and on TV, both on a national and an international level. Her work has been exhibited at the Art Directors Club, AIGA, the Society of Illustrators, Lever House, as well as in numerous galleries. Considered an urban romantic Carol’s passion is the inspiration behind the IRUBNY story and the subject of this documentary film.

Miles Dalto, Music
An accomplished international musician and composer Miles has recorded and performed all over the world including such venues as Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center. He is probably best known for co-producing the hit remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it on” for the Motown Universal Group. Miles also composes music for national advertising campaigns. His music is available on iTunes and YouTube.